Research Themes


Our science strategy delivers outcomes for industry priorities and is divided into four themes:

Driving the science for exceptional wines


  1. Consumer expectations and global value proposition
  2. Iconic quality and character
  3. Diversity of exceptional wines to the world
  4. Terroir and Turangawaewae
  5. Climate change and maintaining an exceptional wine experience

Growing value sustainably


  1. Profitable innovation and diversification
  2. Best in class innovation
  3. People and technology drive growth

Enhancing reputation and wine offerings


  1. Climate change mitigation
  2. Leadership in vineyard and environmental management
  3. Social licence to operate
  4. Quality management and the value chain

Protecting the reputation of New Zealand wine


  1. Biosecurity, pests and diseases
  2. Adapting to climate change
  3. Leadership in managing resources and waste management
  4. Resilience
  5. Mitigating regulatory, supply chain and distribution risks in a global economy