Independent and Tailored Sensory Services on your Finished Wines


You can now have entirely independent, non-biased sensory trials conducted on your finished wine by a panel of experts under scientifically rigorous conditions within New Zealand.

Typical commercial sensory services include quality assessment, difference test assessment, descriptive analysis and preference studies.

Expert assessments may be to provide an evaluation of the wine’s attributes, for the presence of off-flavours, or comparison testing for quality levels or selected sensory properties.

Bragato Research Institute can undertake objective and independent sensory panel tests to determine whether a certain external influence is discernible in the finished wine taste.

We’re happy to work with you to design a bespoke sensory trial to meet your specific needs.


Talk to Bragato Research Institute for unbiased, independent sensory testing on your finished wines.


To discuss your independent sensory testing needs, or learn more about our range of services, please email Dr Tanya Rutan at