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Current projects and programmes

Vineyard Innovation

Evaluating water use efficiency and drought tolerance of various rootstocks grafted to Sauvignon Blanc

August 1, 2022

Building vineyard soil health

July 1, 2022

Weevils in New Zealand vineyards

July 1, 2021

Long spur pruning as an alternative to cane pruning for Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough

July 1, 2021

Potential applications of nanotechnology for winegrowing in New Zealand

March 1, 2020

Improving remedial surgery practices for control of grapevine trunk disease to increase vineyard longevity

July 1, 2019

Vineyard Ecosystems Programme

January 1, 2015

Genetics for winegrowing

Sauvignon Blanc Grapevine Improvement Programme

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National Grapevine Collection clean up

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Tuned Vines

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Winemaking innovation

Exploring Reductive Aromas in Pinot Noir

August 8, 2023

Developing diagnostic devices for the wine industry

January 1, 2022

Precipitation of calcium tartrate and other compounds in wine

July 1, 2021

Pinot Noir Programme

July 1, 2017

Lighter Wines Programme

March 1, 2014

Sustainable winegrowing

Development of an anaerobic chain-elongation bioprocess for grape marc valorisation

July 1, 2022

Evaluating ecologically sustainable ways to disrupt the wine wētā-vine association

July 1, 2022

Shared vision for land use in Wairau Marlborough

July 1, 2022

Microbial community and vine responses to increasing temperatures in the New Zealand context

June 1, 2020