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Independent and tailored viticulture trials in Marlborough

One of the biggest challenges on the vineyard is keeping vines and grapes healthy. Product providers want objective data to know their products are effective while leaving minimal residues. Winegrowers want to know if the plant protection they are using is going to have an impact on the finished wine.

Bragato Research Institute has set up a new viticulture trial service in the heart of New Zealand’s biggest wine region. Our experienced viticulture team will work with you to tailor the trial to your needs and carry it out from start to finish.

Whether you need to test biologicals, nutrition or plant protection, we offer the convenience of off-site trials in a controlled environment from an objective third-party provider.

This service can work complementarily with the Research Winery services to analyse any impacts on finished wines. These are run under scientifically rigorous conditions in our world-class research winery facilities.

Analysis, assessment data and results will be reported back after the trial to help support your decision-making on the vineyard or product registration.

To talk to our team about your requirements, or learn more about the service, make an enquiry