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Benefit from independent, controlled winery trials

Let us conduct your winery trials for you. At critical and busy times of the year, we can provide an outsourced solution to share the workload.

Using Bragato Research Institute offers the convenience of off-site trials in a controlled environment from an objective third party provider.

We offer the convenience of commercial-level trials, designed in collaboration with your team, yet conducted independently. These are run under scientifically rigorous conditions in our world-class research winery facilities.

We can process fruit, assess homogenised juice for ingredient trials and use frozen grapes or juice to conduct trials outside of the peak vintage period.

We provide in-depth reporting of any trials including objectives, methodology, results and recommendations.


Access our world-class Research Winery

Our team can conduct trials all the way from processing the fruit, right through to the bottle, and then to post-bottling sensory testing, all within our specialised Research Winery.

Our state-of-the-art winery facility has configurable fermentation tanks that allow for a series of smaller trials in a single tank.

We have installed custom fermentation tanks that either hold 200 litres for a single fermentation or have four smaller (17-litre) tanks inserted to house up to four individual fermentations, all controlled under the same conditions.

This is an important aspect of the tank design, reducing variability between fermentations and providing greater validity to results in trials.

Winery trials include independent testing of ingredients allowing for the generation of unbiased results that can be used in marketing collateral or published by the customer. We welcome enquires from ingredient manufacturers and distributors.

We can also organise lab analysis including for thiols, methoxypyrazines, aromatic composition and phenolics and a full sensory testing service.

Research Winery Services

Viticulture Trials

Testing quality after a viticulture treatment.

Winemaking Techniques

New techniques and styles.

Fruit processing trials either to test new equipment alternatives or trial novel techniques


Here at the Institute, we can test overseas-sourced yeast performance efficacy with New Zealand wines, in New Zealand conditions and using New Zealand winemaking techniques. Test before you invest.

New Technology

Testing of new filtration systems

Bottling and storage trials

Bottle ageing trials to explore how wine ages with different bottle and packaging options

Read our Winery Trial FAQs

Grape-to-glass consulting with trials and testing customised to your needs.

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