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It’s been a busy day for Research Winery Manager Tanya Rutan, Assistant Winemaker Jacqui Wood and NMIT student Rebecca Fougere, as the first juice rolled into the newly commissioned winery. This Marlborough Pinot Noir (Rose) will undergo fermentation in two different vessel types, assessing whether an egg-shaped tank produces a wine with more texture. The unique egg-shaped tank (image below) was built and supplied by Marlborough-based Crown Sheetmetal. The results of this trial will be unveiled at an industry conference later this year.

This is just one of several trials set to begin this harvest for industry and Government-funded research. From vineyard trials, to investigating how yeast products perform during fermentation, to exploring different winemaking techniques and the formation and concentration of aromas – much of this research will be conducted using world-leading technology. Our research tanks are designed to bridge the gap between small-scale lab ferments and commercial wineries. These interchangeable tanks can be used as a single, 200-litre ferment or hold four, 17-litre ferments.

Stay tuned for outcomes of our trials and more winery news as it unfolds.

Bragato Research Institute staff and NMIT student Rebecca Fougere (right) celebrate the first juice of harvest 2020.