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A year ago this week the Research Winery opened its doors for trials, bringing a new capability and international standing to the wine industry in New Zealand. The bespoke winery facility and the expertise of its staff have allowed the industry to take a leadership role in research and development.

This research has been for programmes which are government funded, levy-funded, and commissioned by private fee-paying clients. The winery has been utilised by key research partners including tertiary education providers and Crown research institutes.

As well as providing valuable research, the winery enables the industry to support education and the next generation of wine growers, viticulturalist and researchers.

If you would like to be part of this legacy, sponsorship opportunities are available to growers, wineries, and industry suppliers to support Bragato Research Institute’s research winery. Entry level sponsorship starts with putting your name on a tank right through to winery naming rights.

BRI is very grateful for the support that we have received from sponsors to date. These are key industry suppliers including our founding sponsors Crown and Vinwizard who came on during the construction and commissioning of the winery in 2019. This was followed by Hill Laboratories who joined as a Silver sponsor in June 2020. Hill Laboratories provide a wide range of testing services to the sector and assist with the winery’s projects as well. Special thanks to our more recent sponsors who have come onboard in 2021 and who will be announced soon.

For more information visit our website or contact Business Development Manager