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The third vintage at our Research Winery was its busiest yet. The Research Winery processed 7.8t of fruit, an increase of 45% from vintage 2021. The winery undertook 37 trials including 193 ferments, by 22 different clients.


Trials were run on a wide-ranging number of winemaking techniques and ingredients, such as antioxidant products, novel yeasts, vegan fining agents, new enzymes, and alternative products to increase thiols. There were also a number of trials focused on the finished impact of vineyard practices, including effects of longspur pruning on Sauvignon Blanc wines, weed management practices, mealybug spraying, managing powdery mildew in the winery, and effects of trunk disease on Sauvignon Blanc wines.

To find out more about our Research Winery trials or contact the winery, click here.

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