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Throughout vintage 2021, the winery team at the Bragato Research Institute (BRI) used the new wine analyzer Lyza 5000 Wine from Anton Paar to generate swift and accurate measurements of various wine parameters during wine-making research trials.

BRI hosted and applied the demo Lyza 5000 Wine instrument during the harvest following a conversation with Anton Paar Territory Manager Mary Bruce. Mary is a supporter of domestic wine research and was pleased to loan the instrument to the Bragato Research Winery for use during the harvest.

“Having the demo Lyza 5000 Wine based at BRI for the harvest has been fantastic for us. When we’re launching new instruments, it’s useful to have established reference sites for industry to access, and BRI has by far the best reach in New Zealand.

“Working with the people at BRI has been priceless. With the knowledge and expertise in the Bragato Research Winery, it was a natural fit for the wine analyzer to be housed there and it was great to have the team use it for a wide variety of winemaking trials.

“Our product expert Stuart Cragg and I had an opportunity to host two well-attended workshops at the Institute to introduce the wine analyzer technology to industry and it has created a lot of interest. This was no doubt down to the brilliant and central BRI facilities,” said Ms Bruce.


Lyza 5000 workshop at BRI

The Lyza 5000 Wine is an FTIR instrument designed exclusively for wine. It provides multi-parameter analysis of samples within minutes, precluding the need to outsource chemical analysis and allowing for greater control and real-time decision making during the wine making process. Measurements include ethanol, sugars, and a comprehensive acid profile.

BRI Business Development Manager Augusta van Wijk said, “Having the auto-analyzer saved our team valuable time during trials and allowed them to make in-process decisions without any delay.

“It’s been great to build our relationship with Anton Paar during this vintage by housing the demo instrument. Having it at BRI created a win-win as they expanded the technology’s reach and we made good use of its capabilities to the benefit of our research clients.

“As the centre for wine research in New Zealand, we connect industry, suppliers, and science organisations. I’m passionate about accessing new equipment that supports our work and we’re open to trialling more emerging technology.

“New instruments represent a significant investment, so it’s important for us and industry to be confident that they will meet our rigorous requirements for trials,” said Ms van Wijk.

Following a successful trial over vintage 2021, BRI are now planning to purchase a Lyza 5000 Wine from Anton Paar for the Bragato Research Winery, confident that it will meet their research and client’s requirements.