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In February 2024, we held our first Research Governance Committee meeting. The committee is made up of industry experts who are focused on ensuring BRI delivers strong value from science, setting the industry up for long-term success.

In the initial meeting, the committee gained a better understanding of BRI’s current portfolio of research, upcoming pipeline, and landscape across industry research providers. Next, the committee will begin identifying areas where BRI can deliver research for the industry’s benefit.

The Research Governance Committee advises the BRI Board on the development and delivery of BRI’s research strategy and its research portfolio. It provides feedback and recommendations on BRI’s research priorities, and current and future research and investment plans. The Committee provides advice and support to help BRI secure external research investment. Committee members will use their networks to suggest potential participants for BRI advisory groups, research-industry collaborations for research project delivery, and knowledge transfer.

The Committee includes:

  • Dr Bruce Campbell (Chair, BRI Board)
  • Emma Taylor (BRI Board, NZW Board)
  • Melissa Tripe (viticulture, NZW Board)
  • Dr David Jordan (research, viticulture)
  • Jonathan Hamlet (viticulture)
  • Duncan Shouler (winemaking)
  • Dr Jacquie Harper (BRI Management)

This group of industry experts focuses on ensuring BRI delivers strong value from science – responding to members’ evolving views on research needs and effectively transferring new knowledge to winegrowers.

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