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Grape Days is headed online this year, and registration is now open.

Bragato Research Institute is bringing together researchers, growers, viticulturists and other experts to host a fantastic line-up of four online events over four weeks. Register now, grab some sausage rolls and gather your team to watch live from your own vineyard!

Tues 8 Sept (11:30 – 12:30pm) – Managing grapevine trunk disease and remedial surgery

Join Dr Eline van Zijll de Jong of Linnaeus Laboratories and Dr Mark Sosnowski of the South Australian Research and Development Institute as they talk about the latest research in grapevine trunk disease. Current research on remedial surgery for vineyard longevity is funded by Bragato Research Institute and part of the wider Vineyard Ecosystem Programme, which is managed by BRI, and funded by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and New Zealand Winegrowers.

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Tues 15 Sept (3 – 4pm) – Bragato Research Institute

Hear from the team at Bragato Research Institute on our science priorities for the next five years, the launch of our viticulture extension programme, the $20M next-generation Sauvignon blanc programme and the latest from our newly opened research winery.

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Click here to view Dr Tanya Rutan’s presentation – Research Winery

Click here to view Dr Fraser Broom’s presentation – Science Priorities

Click here to view Len Ibbotson’s presentation – Viticulture Extension

Wed 23 Sept (10 – 11:30am) – Maximising vineyard biodiversity

This selection of research explores the benefits of biodiversity in your vineyard—from building habitats for the good bugs to native plants and trialling hemp as a cover crop, hear from Australia-based Dr Mary Retallack, Paul Robinson (Villa Maria), Kirsty Harkness (Mount Base) and Dr Mark Krasnow (Thoughtful Viticulture).

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Dr Mary Retallack

Paul Robinson

Tues 29 Sept (3 – 4:30pm) – Top viticulture research across New Zealand

This online chat highlights some of the hottest research right now, including projects funded by New Zealand Winegrowers and managed by Bragato Research Institute. Topics covered include Baden Parr (Massey University) on precision viticulture and yield estimation using 3D cameras and ultrasound; Scott Post (Lincoln Agritech) on electronic spray deposition sensors for vineyards; Dr Mark Krasnow (Thoughtful Viticulture) on herbicide reduction, as part of the Vineyard Ecosystems Programme; Len Ibbotson (BRI) on the aftermath of hail-damaged vineyards; Damian Martin (Plant and Food Research) on de-coding yield versus quality effects in Pinot Noir; and Farhana Pinu (PFR) on resilient berries after mechanical shaking.

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