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Bragato Research Institute is excited to announce Beyond Vineyard Ecosystems, a two-day technical conference for the wine industry at the newly opened Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre. Held on the 27-28 September, this event will feature over 25 expert speakers and panellists, grower success stories, international perspectives, exhibits and more.

The event marks the completion of the seven-year Vineyard Ecosystems research programme and its spin-off projects, and will highlight the findings to New Zealand grape growers and wine businesses. The scope of the programme also provides a platform to talk about today’s most pressing issues for on-farm sustainability in the wine industry, from soil and water use to reducing reliance on agrichemicals.

Beyond Vineyard Ecosystems will also incorporate outside perspectives, and fresh looks at the research data will paint a picture of what’s in store for our vineyard practices. BRI will be on-hand to pour research wines from healthy and trunk diseased vines – but can you tell the difference?

The Vineyard Ecosystems Programme began in 2015 and was a partnership between New Zealand Winegrowers and the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, managed through BRI. With Plant and Food Research and the University of Auckland as the main research providers, the focus was to increase the long-term resilience and profitability of the New Zealand wine industry by developing research-based approaches to pest and disease management for vine longevity. The core programme examined differences in contemporary and future (no herbicide) vineyards, but has also delved into mealybugs, grass grub, trunk disease and much more.

Beyond Vineyard Ecosystems features a stellar line-up of growers and scientists, from both inside and outside the programme, to discuss practice change as well as placing research findings into an international context. International speakers include Dr Andrew Neal, soil biology cluster lead at Rothamsted Research in the UK; and Richard Leask of Hither and Yon in McLaren Vale, Australia.

This event features four in-depth sessions, each with multiple speakers:

  • Virus and mealybug
  • Vineyard longevity and grapevine trunk disease
  • Rethinking chemistry
  • Soil, water and ecosystem services

Hear from participating viticulturists how their practices have evolved over the course of the programme and where they are headed into the future. Also hear from researchers currently taking a fresh look at programme data, and how the programme has accelerated our understanding of pests, diseases and more.

If you’re a decision-maker for a vineyard, interested in sustainability, or curious about what future practices may bring to the winery from vineyard—it’s a technical event you won’t want to miss.

Find out more about the event and get your tickets here.


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