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Bragato Research Institute (BRI) has created the new Research Governance Committee to help maintain New Zealand wine’s premium reputation through innovation and a commitment to research that makes a tangible difference for members’ businesses.

This group of industry experts will be focused on ensuring BRI delivers strong value from science – responding to members’ evolving views on research needs and effectively transferring new knowledge to winegrowers – setting the industry up for long-term success.

The Research Governance Committee (RGC) will advise the BRI Board and management directly on development and delivery of BRI’s research strategy and its portfolio of research. It will provide feedback and recommendations on BRI’s research strategy, research priorities, and the current and future research and investment plan. The RGC will also provide advice and support to help BRI secure external research investment. RGC members will use their networks to suggest potential participants for BRI advisory groups, research-industry collaborations for research project delivery, and knowledge transfer.

The RGC replaces the former New Zealand Winegrowers’ Research Advisory Committee and BRI’s Science Advisory Committee. Thank you to past RAC members for your dedication and service in helping shape the industry’s research activities.

Research Governance Committee Update

The Research Governance Committee (RGC) held an initial establishment meeting on 16 October 2023, and its first full meeting on 21 November 2023.  With the addition of the three industry member appointees, the full committee membership is now:

  • Dr Bruce Campbell (Chair, BRI Board)
  • Emma Taylor (BRI Board, NZW Board)
  • Melissa Tripe (viticulture, NZW Board)
  • Dr David Jordan (research, viticulture)
  • Jonathan Hamlet (viticulture)
  • Duncan Shouler (winemaking)
  • Dr Jacquie Harper (BRI Management)

The meeting welcomed the three new industry participants, and reviewed the committee Terms of Reference and the Research Strategy.  Based on these, a number of changes to decision-making processes and reporting were identified to increase the effectiveness of industry engagement in research planning and uptake.

An annual committee work programme and new research development and approval process are being developed, which will be communicated to members once adopted.  This will include transparent reporting frameworks for both approvals and for reporting back the results of research.

At its February meeting, the committee will begin monitoring and evaluating current and proposed new research projects.

We always want to hear directly from members about research needs and ideas, so please get in touch with an RGC member or contact us directly via or 0800 BRAGATO.

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